de.fhpotsdam.unfolding Contains the main UnfoldingMap class, and all sub-packages.
de.fhpotsdam.unfolding.core Internal stuff. All data handling, including various Feature classes for storing geo-spatial data, and GeoDataReader to parse different source files (GeoRSS, GeoJSON, etc). The event system is used for broadcasting user input, and listening to map events such as zoom or pan for all maps.
de.fhpotsdam.unfolding.geo Contains map projections, and the geo-spatial Location bean.
de.fhpotsdam.unfolding.interactions Allows handling mouse, keyboard and multitouch input, and enables map reacting to it.
de.fhpotsdam.unfolding.mapdisplay Map displaying variations, for instance P2D or P3D.
de.fhpotsdam.unfolding.marker Displays visual representations of geo-spatial locations using Marker and MarkerManager.
de.fhpotsdam.unfolding.providers Provider can load tiles from different sources such as OpenStreetMaps, Microsoft, Google, TileMill, etc (some of these are for informational purposes only).
de.fhpotsdam.unfolding.texture Handles map as textures for other purposes, such as distortion, fisheye, etc (Unsupported package!).
de.fhpotsdam.unfolding.tiles Handles map tiles loading from different sources.
de.fhpotsdam.unfolding.ui User Interface (UI) widgets like a compass or a zoom level widget.
de.fhpotsdam.unfolding.utils Helper functions and classes for Unfolding.
de.fhpotsdam.utils General utility functions.