Learn how to use the various functionality of Unfolding maps. Start with "How to use Unfolding", then read some of the Beginner tutorials on topics you are interested in. Later on, you can delve into more advanced topics. More tutorials will be added regularly.

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If you want to submit a tutorial please create a pull request on github, or send us a mail with an attachment containing a markdown file, the source and some images.

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Starter Tutorials

Beginner Tutorials

  • Simple Interactions (draft)

    Simple Interactions (draft)

    How to set up simple user interactions

  • MapProvider and Tiles

    MapProvider and Tiles

    How to use another map style, switch between them, and how to create your own. Also gives a short introduction to map tiles.

  • Markers & Data

    Markers & Data

    Loading and displaying geospatial data from GeoJSON, GPX, and other files.

  • Markers


    How to use point, line, and polygon markers, how to style them, and how to handle simple interactions.

  • Managing multiple maps

    Managing multiple maps

    How to create and use multiple maps in one application.

Advanced Tutorials