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  • Ages of Portland

    Ages of Portland

    Visualizing the Ages of Portland, Oregon's Extant Buildings. </br> Secret Arts

  • A Thousand Words

    A Thousand Words

    Developed with Massive Pixel Environment, on one of the highest resolution tiled displays in the world. </br> Rob Turknett, Brandt Westing, Jason Baldridge, and Mike Speriosu. UT Austin

  • Shanghai Metro Flow

    Shanghai Metro Flow

    An animated visualization of Shanghai’s subway network. </br> Till Nagel and Benedikt Groß

  • TED talk views

    TED talk views

    A visual map showing when and where US viewers watched TED talks. </br> Alex Dean, TED

  • Live Singapore

    Live Singapore

    Visual exploration of urban mobility. </br> MIT Senseable City Labs

  • LiquiData


    A tangible multitouch visualization to explore urban movement patterns, and to share engaging places with the help of a smartphone. </br> Pierre La Baume, Luis Grass, Christopher Pietsch, Gunnar Friedrich, David Ikuye

  • Emography


    Discover patterns on how people feel in the world. </br> Daniel Palmér and Robin Rundkvist

  • Google Fiberhood Map

    Google Fiberhood Map

    Port of Unfolding to use on Android tablet for Google Fiber campaign </br> Occurent Arts and Wildlife

  • Migration flows in Spain

    Migration flows in Spain

    2nd place in International Challenge InnovaData </br> Xavi Gimenez

  • Lit


    A tool for location based literary research. </br> Jan-Erik Stange and Sebastian Meier

  • Max Planck Research Network

    Max Planck Research Network

    Multitouch installation showing how Max Planck institutes collaborate. </br> Moritz Stefaner and Onformative

  • Muse


    An interactive multitouch visualization of relations between geo-positioned locations. </br> Till Nagel

  • Tax-free Retail Analysis Tool

    Tax-free Retail Analysis Tool

    A tool for visual analysis of tax-free sales data at the Schiphol-Amsterdam airport </br> Jan Willem Tulp

  • Speculative Sea Level Explorer

    Speculative Sea Level Explorer

    How the world would be reshaped by a monumental rise or decline of the sea level. </br> Benedikt Groß

  • Venice Unfolding

    Venice Unfolding

    Tangible geo-visualization to explore architectural projects in Venice. </br> Interaction Design Lab, FH Potsdam

  • VizBox


    A physical platform for interactive data visualization on three-dimensional surfaces. </br> Jon Olav Eikenes