Unfolding is a library to create interactive maps and geovisualizations in Processing and Java


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Or download more packages with examples, the jar only, versions for Processing 1.5, etc.

Getting Started

Its really easy to make your own interactive maps using Unfolding. Check out these tutorials to kick-start your application.

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A Year in Review

Selected projects from 2014.

Interaction Events

Unfolding enables you to quickly create interactive maps. Basic interactions such as Zoom & Pan are included. More advanced functionality such as Overview+Detail, or multitouch gestures can be easily added.

Data Visualization

Simply create geo-positioned markers to display data on a map. The visual style can be adapted freely. The library supports loading and displaying user-defined shapes, such as points, lines, or polygons.

2014 Unfolded - A Year in Review

Styled Maps

Unfolding is a tile-based map library. Map tiles can have various geographic features, and come in all kind of styles. It comes with various map providers, such as OpenStreetMap or TileMill.

Clean & Extendable Code

Unfolding enables beginners to easily create simple maps. Advanced users can quickly sketch out prototypes, or create sophisticated visualizations. And expert users can extend Unfolding's functionality.